– A bit about This Site –

Hey, my name is Eva and I’m the author/creator of this site so welcome. Roaming Dark has been my go-to name for any of my projects since I was just a kid, now with me having a Patreon and publishing stuff it turns out to be a good idea for me to use the name for real so I can have an actual website instead of just using Patreon’s posts as a way to interact with the community. On this site is parts of my worldbuilding in the form of short stories and poems, my artwork, and my Table-Top musings and publications. For in-progress works, you’ll have to go to my Patreon which you can find on the sidebar but for anything already released you can probably find it here. If you ever want to get a hold of me, send me a message on Twitter or email me (Brown.Eva.Mae@gmail.com) if I don’t get back to you in 48 hours I probably wrote half a message and got distracted or interrupted so feel free to send a reminder message.

– A bit about myself –

As a kid I found myself drawn to climbing trees, building wooden swords, fighting with my brother, but not really writing. All through life I did what I could to avoid it as much as possible, I loved having in-person conversations but there always was something specifically about writing that behaved ‘strangly’. Like by writing something down it gives a certain intention, energy, and a life of its own, enchanted by the mere act of inscribing it. So, now as a mid 20s creator, I try and find the point where my entire life became about writing. In my free time, I make/write tabletop role-playing games and write short stories. For work and school, I write and write some more. Poetry itself is a newish adventure in writing, it holds wonderful mechanisms and endless possibility to play with the words on paper. I always joke that I have to keep writing until I find exactly the right way to describe my dislike for it, and as they say though, “keep your friends close, and your enemies closer” so here I am, writing, and slowly but surely finding joy in the act of inscription of those wily words.