The first knock strikes,

sending my comfort to

its knees, broken and

confused. Leveling my

peace into a rolling sea

with white-crested waves

battering the deck of my

reality, steadily closer

and closer to capsizing

the vessel of solitude I

relished my time upon.

Threatening me with

submersion into the

void inside my mind.


The second knock sounds

the report of an artillery

cannon on mark. A shot

straight through my gut

and into the very

foundation of my being,

lifting my breath into the

firmament of my home

as my gasp is raptured

by the angel of death

who narrates my every

thought with visions of

prophecy telling the end

of all things lies behind

that simple door. No

amount of lambs blood

will usher salvation as

the reckoning of each

and every divine, alive

and dead, was poised

as an axe waiting, just

to smite me where I stand.


The third knock was as a

blade and took my head

clean off as it cut through

the very fabric of reality.

Sending ripples of demise

and torment in such a

hellish crescendo that I

saw the world fall from

around my feet, leaving

me floating in the aether,

alone. Alone apart from

the rapidly elongating

tunnel of my end that once

connected my kitchen to

the outside world. An endless

swath of land now cackled,

standing before me in such

monstrous fashion, mocking

every single moment of my



I repent! I re-pent my wickedness

please do not usher me to oblivion

this day! Just let me live a mere

moment longer, I can not take this

limbo, this unknowing, this

endless stupor of ignorance! If

not for what lays in wait behind

that oaken tombstone, I surely

will perish from this infernal



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